Riding My Cycle: The Life-Changing Magic of Going With the Flow

by Lily Lawes I’ve been paying close attention to my menstrual cycle this year, and it’s been bloody fascinating. Life-changing, in fact. I’ve come to realise that I’ve spent my life, as many women do, fighting against a tide. But since I stopped resisting it, manipulating it, trying to master it, since I gave inContinue reading “Riding My Cycle: The Life-Changing Magic of Going With the Flow”

A Warm Hug from Cheryl Strayed

A year ago today I met Cheryl Strayed, a writer I have adored for years, at Emirates Lit Fest on International Women’s Day. I wrote about it, and then, because I am the queen of self-doubt and self-sabotage, decided to hide it from the world forever, thinking I’d one day pitch it (I didn’t) orContinue reading “A Warm Hug from Cheryl Strayed”