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Our ancestors shared the very first stories in caves. What would they make of the way we’ve retold and reinterpreted those stories? What would they think of how we’ve defined what it means to be a woman today?

Let’s help each other bust several thousand years of bullshit to reclaim our stories as wild, wicked, wonderful women.

Wild, Beautiful Things

A selection of writing from a woman waking up

Riding My Cycle: The Life-Changing Magic of Going With the Flow

by Lily Lawes I’ve been paying close attention to my menstrual cycle this year, and it’s been bloody fascinating. Life-changing, in fact. I’ve come to realise that I’ve spent my life, as many women do, fighting against a tide. But since I stopped resisting it, manipulating it, trying to master it, since I gave inContinue reading “Riding My Cycle: The Life-Changing Magic of Going With the Flow”

Cosmic Boobs

‘There’s no such thing as a bad boob!’ This was the battle cry on Day 9 of my 11-day yoga immersion in Bali, as I sat in a semi-circle of women, all of us topless, painting and printing our breasts in funky colours and patterns. Now, I’m not a total prude (although I’m still British),Continue reading “Cosmic Boobs”

Life is short, but it is wide.

Rebecca Wells

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